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Spazio tempo come variabili immateriali

Problematicità delle variabili: tempo-spazio

Lo spazio e il tempo andrebbero considerate come variabili immateriali stabili solo nell’insieme dimensionale spirituale, in quanto non misurabili numericamente con esattezza nell’insieme dimensionale materiale.


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Problematic variable time-space
As I stated energy efficiency has constitutive unit variables: intensity and movement as a whole and only spiritual dimension, the variable movement is broken down into variables: space / time. This aspect for the time being guessed is difficult to sustain according to a scientific positivistic, or supported by the perceptibility of sensory phenomena. It ‘clear, however, that there is a reality can not be perceived by the senses (sight, touch, hearing, smell), for example, the thoughts, or at least the content of thoughts is not perceptible by the senses, but nobody can deny that there is as much as a wooden table.
So according to a scientific non-positivist perspective, space and time belong to a reality, “immaterial” that can be measured in the abstract (numeric) but the numbers in material reality (the language from the semantic point of view can not be heard by the senses so it is immaterial) do not exist when you try to measure the material reality of the numbers we are often faced with the mathematical paradoxes, with infinitesimal numbers or anything, just in the area of ​​spiritual reality is exact numeric, for example by phonemes (letters of ‘alphabet) and corresponding numbers.
It ‘should be understood in this sense that the space-time variables, ie variables measured numerically, the measurement of which does not create paradoxes numeric interpretations experts cabalistic they are good because the mismatch reveals a numerical error that allows them to correct the ‘interpretation, do not get to actually “numerical unrepresentable” as happens in reality perceived through the senses. Dates (numerical correspondences time) and words (numerical correspondences space) are perfectly combined in a semantic system that with ease is revealed to those who know him (eg Jewish mysticism, but I think there is also something similar in Buddhism , Taoism, Hinduism), then according to a rational non-anthropocentric perspective (my sight, my hearing, my thoughts) time and space that can not be the whole spiritual dimension.